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Understanding and Meeting your Gravel Services Needs.

Ensuring that you have a good SOLID BASE foundation utilizing the correct gravel structure is the most critical component of any project and is often overlooked!

CP can supply and install a variety of aggregates & structures for your site or home project, such as 20mm Gravel Crush, Recycled Asphalt, 75mm Crush and pea gravel, Bank Pitrun and washed rock.

When installing Gravel, we work carefully with you to ensure that all of our projects are outfitted with suitable depths & breadth of gravel. We take the time to understand your needs and consequently to match the right solution to the correct traffic & usage requirements of your project to ensure that your gravel base will “hold up” for many trouble free years to come.

CP will sometimes also recommend Geo Textiles & TriAx Geo Grids to be installed prior to the gravel, which can reduce the amount of gravel required, while at the same time strengthening your existing sub grade or base-especially in swamp land areas or areas with a high water table.

We have come across many different gravel base requirements in our 30 year plus history. We have the experience and equipment to deliver a solution that will meet your requirements and budget.

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